social bookmarking submission

At MGT Design we perform social bookmarking submissions in all popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and RSS submission.

Social bookmarking submissions help your website search engine ranking because search engines use data by counting the bookmarks as a vote towards your website being worthy of a high ranking position in the search engine results as your website has ‘link popularity’. This means that over time your website should gain a higher position on popular search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo.


Search engine spiders crawl social bookmarking websites counting how many have added a bookmark to your website, the more bookmarks you have will increase your search engine keywords, which will also increase your position on search engine sites.

Link Popularity

The range and amount of links that you have on various social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter will increase your link popularity.

Keyword Rankings

When we add your website to one of our social bookmarking accounts we use your chosen anchor text. For example if you were optimising your website for the keyword ‘guitars’ we would use guitars as our anchor text back to your website improving your search engine rankings for the keyword guitars.