Social Media Optimisation (also known as SMO) is the new term to drive traffic to your website using new channels, because search engines are no longer the only way to drive large amounts of traffic to your website. The social media websites and platforms that individual people and businesses use to share their own personal news, company news, opinions & views, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Social media is made up of various forms, including text, visual using pictures and videos and now audio blogging.


Many companies are choosing to use social media for their online marketing. Many customers can be found using social media each day to stay in contact with friends and family which is why social media is the perfect place to advertise the products and services you provide. Each post that you make on social media can be visualised with either a picture or a video which means products and services can be demonstrated to the customer.

Social media is playing a big part in today’s digital PR within companies but as there is so much going on you have several questions to ask yourself:

“Where do I start?”

At MGT Design we can help set up your social media for your business. The first step we will take is set up company pages for your business so that you have a professional social media account rather than a personal one. We can then help brand your social media pages for you so they match your branding so that your target audience recognises who you are.

“What social media sites do I use?”

MGT Design suggest you use social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. These social media sites are the most popular and with each of these you can set up a business account. You can add your company information with links to your website. At MGT Design we can link your social media accounts together so that they all talk to each other and your customers can follow each social media account.

“Where do I find the time?”

Again this is where MGT Design can help, for a small monthly fee we can mange all of your social media for you. Your account manager will look after you Social Media and Digital presence such as one of your employees, to start with we will set up your account on the various social media websites you would like to use. We can then bespoke your social media to match your web design. Throughout each month we will ask you for any information you would like to post using one of your social media accounts and we use generic information about your business to fill in the gaps.


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